Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Kalea!

I can hardly believe I have a 5 year old! Kalea is such a good girl! She is helpful, determined, compassionate, imaginative, beautiful, the best BIG sis, and a daddy's girl (finally)! As of now, she is outside practicing to ride without training wheels on her little bike because she got a bigger one for her birthday. She doesn't give up and can ride for a bit, but gets too distracted to see if anyone else sees her accomplishment! We love you Kalea!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Captured & Consumed

I finally went to Wal-Mart and got my hands on the book, "Twilight," by Stephanie Meyer. I had heard bits and pieces about it, but finally Tia got my curiosity going. I have to say I am totally consumed with this book. It is awesome! I have to literally pull myself away because I have other things that are more pressing to do, but whenever there is a free moment, my eyes and mind are totally consumed with the characters. I am not an avid reader, so a book really has to get my attention. Another of my all time favorites are C. S. Lewis's, "Narnia." Remember President Hinckley's Book of Mormon challenge. Well, as I was a late comer to get the BOM read by the end of the year, which I started in late November, I ended up dreaming about everything that I was reading. I found myself in the forests running from the battles around me. Well, that too happened when I read the Narnia series. I get so "captured & consumed" that I dream about it. So, many times I was living in Narnia having conversations with Lucy. Now I am dreaming about "Twilight." So to make my point, if I am dreaming about the current book I am reading, it must be good. As a side note, "Twilight" will be coming to the big screen at the end of this year, so get a "jump start" on it now, you won't be disappointed!. How about you, what are your favs?