Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Officially, Official...

We finally have our house up for sale. (did anyone think I was going to put something else??)  We have loved living in our current neighborhood.  Growing up in the country made me so excited to get out once I finally was married and moved to the city (maybe, I should use town, because Cheyenne is quite small compared to where many of you reside).  It is so nice to be close to conveniences like the grocery store, gas station, bank, have neighbors that aren't more than a 3 min walk away, and walking to school, plus having family right down the street!  We love living next to Mike & Amanda so much and this is one of the  things we are going to miss most.  Tai and Kaila are best buds, Kuhio and Kalea, too.  I love that Kuhio comes and picks Kalea up for school every morning and they accompany each other home as well!   However, as much as I loved all of these things, I find myself yearning for my piece of prairie, especially, now that I am raising kids.  I want wide open spaces for them to run around on, for me to yell and know that my neighbors had no clue, and most importantly to see my sweet husband more.  That is probably the biggest reason!  Come summer our lives are beyond hectic and many days we won't even see Danny because he is up at the crack of dawn and home late because he was at the shop working.  We purchased land out North of town a few years back and since built our shop out there.  We are finally ready to get our house going as well!  We or rather I have decided to sell our house FSBO.  A little scary, but realtors fees are a hard "pill" to swallow.  Good thing for modern conveniences....the internet, namely!  So we will see how this goes, after all this is a want....we don't have to move...but it is something we would like to do.  Here is our listing:  and here is a peek at our house plans.  We have made a bit of changes to this plan but this is the plan that we started with: