Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday...a day of REST!

So this is a common occurrence at our house on Sunday afternoons. Danny and Kalea in the basement and Tai and me in my bed for our afternoon naps. Gotta love them! They don't even make it out of their Sunday clothes.

Friday, July 4, 2008

But they're cousins...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Kaila girl! She is 1 today, a firecracker baby. Her and Tai are 3 1/2 months apart.

Tag...You're it!

1) My family 2)My friends 3) A good nap
1)Losing a family member 2) Getting attacked by an animal 3) Not having enough food
1) Be a good mom and wife
2)Raise spectacular children
3) Retire early
1) Buying clothes for my family and I
2) Reading magazines and books
3) A good piece of any kind of fruit pie
Random suprising facts:
1) I waited for my husband while he was on his mission.
2) I hate eating the cookie dough before the cookies are baked.
3) I am going to run a half marathon on Labor Day!

I Tag:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

To my hubby!

We celebrated 7 years on Sunday, June 29! Holy Cow! Too bad we really didn't do anything. Saturday, I ended up with a sinus infection and flu (yes, flu, in June!!) and Danny hurt cut his ankle on the shower door and it was inflamed. We were pitiful. We did however, have friends in from out of town and had lunch with a few other couples after church. I need to take a couple lines and roast my husband because he his as good as it gets! He is the best, a few words to describe him...kind, happy, hard worker, loving, selfless, obedient, honest, fun...just to name a few. He has been such a rock in my life. I could not imagine my life without my sweet husband! He makes life worth living and loving. I love you for eternity!