Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finances already?

Last night Kalea came downstairs to Danny and I with this piece of paper that she had written an 800 # on. At first I didn't understand what she was saying to me and then she says, "Mom, it's for you to call to get out of credit card debt." What? How does she know about that stuff? Kalea, actually really loves infomercials. She really wants that pancake popper skillet thing and the chop wizard. She knows all about them, and says they will make cooking so much fun and easy.

She's so fast...

After dinner tonight we had to run to Target to get a birthday present for cousin Ethan. Kalea and I raced to the doors and as fast as she is (she did beat me), she also had to say hi to the pavement with her face. OUCH! We ran in to the bathroom to repair her bloody nose and face. I am so surprised that Kalea does not get freaked out when she looks at her many battle wounds as it seems they all have to occur on her face. She already has two dents in her forehead from previous misshaps. We got her cleaned up and went and got cool Bratz Girlz band-aids and she asked before I got the band-aid out if we should ask the Target people if they would mind if she used one before we honest & considerate!

Deep thoughts and comments from Kalea...

Kalea comes up with some of the funniest and outrageous things. I need to write these down so I don't forget...

"Mom, do polar bears get itchy?"

"I know you have to be married to have a baby, but how do they get in?"

Kuhio: "I can't wait to get to grandma's house and have grilled cheese!"
Kalea: "Kuhio, you can't have "girl" cheese, you have to have "boy" cheese."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well, I tried to get our Christmas newsletters out around Christmas time and that didn't happen. So, I decided it would make a better New Year letter, but that is clearly already happened. I guess you all will be getting a "Hey, what's up, we're still here" newsletter sometime in the near future.